Fresh Fitness Food: Promoting Employee Wellbeing for a Healthier, Happier Team

Fresh Fitness Food’s employees take 64% fewer sick days per year than the UK average. So how did we achieve this?

What is Team Fit all about?

We believe in the power of movement – and good nutrition. Over the last two years, FFF has paid its employees a cash bonus every quarter, for anyone who completes 50 workouts. This initiative, called Team Fit, was initially set up to encourage the team to stay fit. It has since evolved to be an integral part of our company culture, with over 70% of employees completing more than 50 workouts per quarter.

Team Fit encourages us all to be accountable. We are all applauded and congratulated by others on our achievements. Whether it’s a PB, any kind of improvement, or even extra effort, we shout about it. We’ve found that this culture of support means the team is more motivated to work toward that goal of 50 workouts. We also run a weekly lunchtime workout at our London office. This is something we’ve found to have a great impact on the team, particularly across teams and employees who wouldn’t typically work together. 

By incorporating fitness into the working day, we’re making it easier and more convenient for everyone to achieve their fitness goals. This also gives people space to take time away from their desks and move their bodies. We’ve found that everyone has noted a significant improvement in their stress levels, energy levels and productivity since Team Fit began.

What is the impact of Team Fit?

As you’d expect, the team has also seen massive fitness level improvements. Most of the team are working out more now than before joining the company or starting Team Fit. One of our team members, Caroline, who historically didn’t do much exercise, is now training for a half marathon after being motivated by Team Fit. She says she now burns 1.4x more calories per day than she did before the initiative began. Currently, a quarter of the team is training for a fitness event such as a half marathon, marathon or HYROX. 

Amongst the team, we’ve found that the feeling of being fitter, stronger, and healthier, leads to increased confidence and self-belief. One of our company principles is ‘Do Hard Things’. That extends beyond the workplace; by pushing ourselves physically to do things we didn’t think we could, we have the confidence to tackle challenges in and outside of work. Emma, our Senior Client Success Manager, achieved a 105 kg deadlift PB one lunchtime. She then felt she was far more able to take on the challenges the rest of the week threw at her. 

Why are we sharing this?

We believe that this framework of blending fitness with work makes for a happier and healthier life. We can clearly see the tangible benefits of Team Fit on the health and productivity of our team. We spend over 70% of our week at work. Therefore to be able to encourage our team to incorporate fitness into their workday makes it easier for everyone to balance the two. 

The success of Team Fit has been attributed to our holistic approach to employee wellbeing. In addition to encouraging regular exercise, we are provided with nutritionist-designed healthy lunches daily, promoting healthy eating habits. We also encourage holistic wellness, regularly providing yoga and breathwork sessions, to further support physical and mental wellbeing. The team also has access to 6 free therapy sessions.

To other businesses looking to replicate this within their own teams, it’s important to remember fitness is very personal. We believe the success of this programme within our company is largely down to our positive company culture, where all achievements are celebrated, and the fact that people are encouraged to think about what fitness means for them personally. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, the team is actively encouraged to find what they enjoy and what works for them. We believe that by empowering individuals with tools and resources for better health, we can make a positive impact on society as a whole.

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