Wat Sorsor Muoy Roi (temple of 100 columns)

There’s not all that much on the tourist trail when it comes to Kratie. The main things been the dolphins, Phnom Sombok and Koh Trong. I’ll deal with the other ones later. This place was included as part of the grand package with the other two. I’ll be honest i’ve seen a lot of pagodas, so the fact this one had 100 beams did not impressive me much.

It looked OK, I had no issues with it. I got blessed by a buddhist monk and you know I feel 2021 might be better now. Hell i’ll pray to any god if it potentially helps.

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After leaving the pagoda, funnily enough to get change we saw a big walkway leading to an island. Although when I say island, huge sandbar would be more accurate.

Wat Sorsor Muoy Roi
Wat Sorsor Muoy Roi (temple of 100 columns)

An island with no name

Thinking I might blog about this I asked the name of the island. No one seems to know the name of the island. They are though happy to take 1000 rial to visit there. I have honestly asked a lot of people the name. They all just say it has no name.

In fairness there is nothing to do on said island and the walkway has almost washed away. BUT it was a genuine highlight. The walkway was super rickety and you can imagine it hosting some epic parties back in the day. There are lights, and people have definitely drank beers there. It looked the perfect place for a nighttime BBQ and a few beers.

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I hope the pictures do it justice, especially seeing as I cant name it.

Wat Sorsor Muoy Roi Island
Unnamed island – Wat Sorsor Muoy Roi (temple of 100 columns)

Epic street food by the Mekong

Opposite said island they were though selling great street food. I went for spring roles, nom krok and some noodles with fish sauce – I can’t do better in English, so here is the Khmer (គុយទាវកាត់).

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Conclusion on Wat Sorsor Muoy Roi (temple of 100 columns)

It comes as part of the package that includes the dolphins of Kratie and Phnom Sombok. It is an epic journey to get here and you see some stunning Khmer countryside scenery.

Wat Sorsor Muoy Roi (temple of 100 columns)

Wat Sorsor Muoy Roi (temple of 100 columns) , well it was what it was. Yet with great street food and the never to be forgotten “island with no name” it was worth the journey.


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