A Happy 10th Birthday to Balcones

Once upon a time… in 2008, in a land far, far away in… Waco, Texas, Balcones Distilling was born. This award-winning distillery has been known for their craft whiskey. With two distilleries, whiskey education themed events, and two beautiful copper Scottish stills, whiskey has never been so praised. All of Balcones whiskey is created in these two distilleries. The dedication to a real, hard working whiskey is what craft whiskey lovers love!

For their 10th anniversary celebration, Balcones Distilling is releasing a 100 proof Texas Rye whiskey and a limited edition Texas Rye Cask Strength whiskey. Both of these whiskeys contain exclusive rye from Northern Texas. The combination of Elbon Rye and specialty ryes create a tasteful hint of spiced chocolate that is pleasurable to all whiskey enthusiasts and whiskey beginners.

Because Balcones is dedicating the first half of 2018 to perfecting their hand at rye, the two versions Texas Rye are a must try. Throughout the year, there will be 10 different expressions released so be sure to keep a lookout for what is coming up next.


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