5 Drunk Men – Riverside drinks in Phnom Penh

5 Drunk Men is one of the many rooftop bars that line the Phnom Penh Riverside, but what makes them so good?

A friend recently suggested meeting for drinks. He has recently moved from Siem Reap. Siem Reap might have previously been a tourist mecca, but it is not e nice place to live and resembles Beirut currently more than a tourist town.

So, then we have Phnom Penh. In many ways Phnom Penh has almost been simulated from the whole pandemic nonsense.

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And that means there is a nightlife…

5 Drunk Men Phnom Penh

Hanging by the riverside

Riversides are just great places to eat and drink and Phnom Penh is no different. You can largely split it between these riverside bars and then the joys that are 130 and beyond. These are very different vibes.

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There are also a lot of cool hidden gems too, one of which is 5 drunk guys. Thanfully still open despite Covid concerns.

5 Drunk Men Menu

Where is 5 drunk men?

Going further away from the Royal Palace and before you hit lady bar central. It is on the third floor of a building and like all the best places involves going round the back and entering via a weird door. Sometimes it is all about the journey.

What you are then presented with is a cool rooftop bar with views of the river, a great drinks menu and reasonably priced food.

What’s the 5 drunk men vibe?

Its a hangout place for pre-drinks rather than party central. Cocktails are around the $4.50 mark, not at all cheap for Phnom Penh, but cheap enough. They were also very strong which seemed to set the tone for the evening.

And that is 5 Drunk Men Phnom Penh. Cool place to hangout and pre-drink before a night of debauchery in the capital!

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