ManCan: Bring The Brewery Home

What’s the perfect gift for an outdoor enthusiast who is also a beer aficionado? How about a portable brewery he or she can strap to his/her back, hit the trails, and sip craft IPA camelback-style from the top of a mountain?

Creatively funded by a Kickstarter campaign, the ManCan Personal Keg System  brings the brewery to you, keeping high quality beer fresh and irresistibly frothy within an indestructible stainless steel casing that doesn’t leak air or carbon dioxide. Threaded fitting and gasket seals on the custom-designed caps further aid in assuring your cherished hop juice of choice stays brewery fresh for at least 30 days; testers tried and failed to make it past that timeline. Perfect beer is hard to resist.

The ManCan  is available in 128oz or (hiker-friendly) 64oz options, with both sizes designed to fit inside a standard refrigerator door. The larger size holds a party-summoning ten brews while the 64oz version holds a perfect-date five. And ladies, in case you were wondering, WoManCan is apparently in the works as a collaboration with Pink Boots Society, an organization that promotes women within the brewing industry. Who needs a growler when you can pack up the whole brewery and take it with you?

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