Rakwon Paradise Microbrewery – Craft Beers in North Korea

Rakwon Paradise Microbrewery AKA Rakwon Beer bar is one of the first and most famous of the North Korean microbrewery scene. Over the last 5 years, or so the Pyongyang nightlife has exploded a bit, with Rakwon slipping down the pecking order, but it still serves great beer and is perfect for a night out in Pyongyang.

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Rakwon Paradise Microbrewery Location

Located on the top floor of the Rakwon Department store in downtown Pyongyang. It is near the indoor stadium and ice-rink, with groups often stopping here so guides can visit the Air Koryo office.

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In the old days Rakwon Department store was one of the few foreign currency stores open to foreigners, so tourists would come a lot.

Nowadays Kwankbok department store is far more popular. You can read about Kwankbok here .

You will also find Kenji Fujimoto’s Takahashi Sushi Restaurant, which you can read about here in the same complex.

Layout of the Rakwon Beer Bar

Rakwon Paradise Microbrewery

As bars go, this is a proper bar, but also small so it tends to fill up quickly. They do though have numerous private rooms if you are with a large group of people, and it is possible to eat here.

Can you watch football at Rakwon Paradise Microbrewery AKA Rakwon Beer bar?

You can, and indeed I did! I watched North Korea vs Brazil in 2010 World Cup at Rakwon Paradise Microbrewery. Definitely one of the more memorable football games I have watched, well anywhere.

Don’t expect them to be playing Premier League Magic Monday in Pyongyang though!

What beer do they serve at Rakwon?

Sadly this is a bit pot-luck and depends on the situation in the country. I have been there when they have had up to 5 fresh beers on tap, with the dark beer being particularly good.

Come what may though they always have at least one good golden lager on tap, of course served with the famous “beer fish”, at least if you are drinking with Koreans anyway.

Is it the best bar in Pyongyang?

Back in the day it probably was, but again the North Korean drinking scene has gotten more interesting over the years.

OK, so it is not as famous as Taedonggang, but hey you can’t do a Pyongyang pub crawl without visiting lots of bars. Am I right?

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