Find Your Inner Zen With These 5 Monastery Brews

Birra Nursia Extra
Nursie Monestary Brews drink me best beers summer beer

One of the few abbey ales brewed in a genuine monastery by monks, Birra Nursia is as divine as it comes. The monks don’t do the work for profit and ensure that they are involved in every step. Their distributors in Europe and the United States ensure that you can buy directly from them. This way the dark triple-bock ale is delivered right to your doorstep.

Price $14.99 (Not including shipping)
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Spencer Trappist IPA
Spencer Tappist Nursie Monestary Brews drink me best beers summer beer

Distinguished as the only American ale to bear the authentic Trappist mark, this drink embodies the devotion of the monks who made it. Brewed in the abbey walls by the minks with proceeds going to living expenses and charity, this IPA lessens the hops in order to bring a balance, like the ones sought by the monks themselves.

Price Varies by location
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La Trappe Tripel
La Trappe Nursie Monestary Brews drink me best beers summer beer

La Trappe Tripel, yet another bearing the authentic Trappist mark, so you know your in for something divine. With a golden color straight out of an illuminated manuscript this ale is not for the faint of heart, with the distinction of being a triple. A peach-like aroma gives way to an almost candy-like and malty taste, finishing dry. This is one drink where you want to take your time and bask in the beautiful light passing through it, like a stained glass window picturing the dawn.

Price $13.99
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New Belgium Abbey
New Belgium Abbey Nursie Monestary Brews drink me best beers summer beer

Inspired by monastery techniques this dubbel style ale comes from the Colorado brewery New Belgium. The deep notes of dark caramel and hints of dried cherry take you back to a life meant for contemplation on something greater. With a beer like this fans will gladly take their time.

Price Varies by Location
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Chimay Grande Reserve
Chimay Grande Reserve Nursie Monestary Brews drink me best beers summer beer

Another beer bearing the official mark of the Trappist minks, Chimay’s Grand Reserve is not one to miss. In order to receive this distinction, borne only by the beers of eleven monasteries in the world, the drink must be made by monks in a monastery according to strict regulations. There can be no profits, with proceeds going towards the monks living expenses and the rest to charity. Now that is what we call a holy brew.

Price $13.99
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