Cambodia lifts travel ban, but Phnom Penh lockdown stays in place

Cambodia lifts travel ban, but lockdown in many areas stays in place. As of today (April 25th) the Prime-Minster has announced an end to the travel ban between provinces, as well as a reopening of tourist venues throughout the country, greta news right? Well there is slightly more to the story.

The announcement technically marks the end to the 14 day travel ban announced, On April 6th, but excludes locked down Phnom Penh and Kandal provinces, which remain “red zones”, and from later announcements also seems to excludes Sihanoukville, which itself has seen a spike in infections.

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Can I now travel between provinces in Cambodia?

Cambodia ends travel ban
Cambodia lifts travel ban

Technically at least yes, you can, although not if you are from, or going to the red zones of Phnom Penh, Kandal, and one assumes Sihanoukville. Siem Reap for example should theoretically be a place that can be traveled to

Tourists sites to reopen in Cambodia

Cambodia lifts travel ban
Cambodia lifts travel ban

Again and technically at least his means that tourist hotspots such as Angkor Wat, Kampot and Kep are now open to internal tourism again.

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Although again it should be noted that these are early days, so things can and may well change depending on how the spread of the virus is either continued, or contained.

Can people from Phnom Penh travel?

The very short answer to this is no, they cannot and that the lockdown in Phnom Penh remains very much in place. The current Phnom Penh lockdown states residents are not allowed to leave their properties unless under emergency circumstances, such as medical visits, or to get food.

The ban is due to end on April 28th, but both national and regional officials have stated that if things do not improve it may well be extended.

Regional travel bans remain in place

Again when it comes to where you live whatever local travel bans are in place are not affected by this news. For example there are still red zones in many places, such as Siem Reap, and other provinces where people cannot travel to. Again local rules and practices should be kept up with and followed. Again Sihanoukville very much fits into his list.

Overall it’s a glass half full situation. The measures taken by the government have obviously worked to some degree, and the hope is that things throughout he rest of the country will slowly begin to resume some form of normality.

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