The 5 Best Chocolate Booze You Can Buy

When you’re pining for desert and can’t decide between a good drink or some rich decadent chocolate, don’t! This list of beer and wine is the best of both worlds. Good drink with the chocolate mixed right in.

Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout
Sexual Chocolate best chocolate alcohol drink me

Available exclusively in February this is a Valentine’s gift for any beer lover. Our friends at Foothills Brewing made a brew that goes all out. The aroma hits with espresso, toffee, and dark fruits while the taste is rooted in rich dark chocolate. This is one drink that takes everything its aiming for and goes all the way.

Price: Varies by shop

Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout
Lugene Stout drink me

Named after a farmer whose worked with  Odell Brewing for years, this stout doesn’t bother with fanciful and complicated extract infusions. It’s made with straight milk sugar and chocolate milk, making a creamy, delicious drink you almost want to dunk a cookie in. Available January through March, this is a drink not to pass up.

Price: Varies in season

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout
Youngs Double Chocolate Stout drink me best chocolate alcohol drink me

This award winning chocolate stout is a blend of multiple hops and malts, all delivering a luxurious taste that never becomes too sweet. The dark chocolate and chocolate essence create a blend that sets this beer in a category all its own, well worth a drink even when one isn’t in the mood for desert.

Price: Varies

Trentadue Chocolate Amore
Chocolate-Amore chocolate drinks best chocolate alcohol

Cocoa and beer is all well and good, but there’s nothing like the classic of good wine with decadent chocolate. Trentadue crafted this dessert wine in the style of port, stopping fermentation at a point in order to preserve the sugar content. After that came wonderful chocolate extract, leaving us with luxurious chocolate wine.

Price: $17.99

Chocolate Shop Wine
Chocolate Shop Wine drink me (2)

At the Chocolate Shop they have one goal, to make the combination of dark chocolate and wine come in a single glass. This is a blend of several reds contains a touch of oak and fruit to mix perfectly with the rich dark chocolate.

Price $15.00

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