Blackberry Mint Julep

Blackberry-Mint Julep

6 mint leaves

4 blackberries

2 tbsp simple syrup

1.5 oz. Salute American Vodka

Pour simple syrup into a Collins glass and muddle mint leaves and blackberries. Pour in Salute American Vodka and top with crushed ice.


Late night Summer evenings call for flavorsome cocktails and that’s exactly what Salute American Vodka’s Blackberry Mint Julep provides. Luscious dark blackberries entice the palate with a refreshing kick of mint that is perfectly balanced with Salute American Vodka. If you’re looking for a cocktail to unwind after a long day, well, you just found it.

Salute American Vodka takes the confusion and pretense out of cocktail creation to allow you to make tasty and refreshing tipples from the comfort of your own home. Take just 4 ingredients and turn them into a sensational cocktail bursting with flavor.


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