Best Type of Edible Flowers You Can Add in Cocktails

It’s common knowledge that flowers have been used for different cooking purposes for time immemorial, and adding them to garnish cocktails is now the new trend in the culinary field. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best flowers you can eat that can enhance the flavor of your cocktails by giving them a fresh twist.


1. Bee Balm

These cute little flowers look as cute as they sound and can be used to decorate cocktails in the form of garnish. They are usually bright and come in shades of pink and purple colored blossoms. In terms of tastes, they usually have a citrus flavor, making them a great addition to almost any kind of cocktail as they give it a fresh tangy flavor. The red flowers are said to have a minty taste so the next time you fancy adding some mint to your cocktail you can opt to go for some red bee balm blossoms.

2. Calendula

This happens to be one of the most loved flowers by cocktail drinkers because of the distinct taste and flavor it adds to a cocktail when added in the right proportions. In fact, there’s a cocktail called the ‘Smoky Calendula Cocktail’ that’s got the strong taste of saffron that’s characteristic of calendula. The calendula petals are simply crushed in a spice grinder and later added to the cocktail in the form of a syrup, after which the full petals are also added on top of the finished cocktail to give it a flavorful garnish

3. Rose

This one’s no secret. Rose petals are one of the most commonly used edible flowers that are incorporated in a number of dishes in various cuisines. It’s no surprise that they are highly appreciated by many cocktail drinkers as well who cherish the distinct taste that belongs to the rose. The heady perfume emitted from the crushed petals can be quite overpowering so it’s advisable to add the petals in small quantities when making a rose cocktail. Some cocktails use dried rose petals, but fresh petals work just as well and give off the same flavor and smell.

4. Lavender

Another flower whose flavor has been employed in a number of different foods and objects is lavender. The flower is said to have a unique combination of both sweet and spicy notes which gives the cocktail a mixture of tastes apart from the colorful and fabulous looks. You can either put in an entire stalk of lavender if you wish to simply use it as a garnish, or add in the crushed flowers and then use a tea strainer to remove the infused flowers before you serve the drink.

5. Hibiscus

This is one flower that is loved by both fitness enthusiasts and cocktail drinkers alike. The Hibiscus is infused with a number of medicinal benefits that make it an important element in many ayurvedic and herbal remedies. It’s safe to say that it can be added to cocktails for both its taste and health benefits. Additionally, if you feel like your cocktail could use a rush of red and maroon to make it more appealing then there’s no better flower to pick than this one. Hibiscus is said to add a floral and spicy flavor to cocktails and works wonderfully well with cocktails that contain lemon or other citrus flavors.


Flowers can not only enhance the delicate flavor of a cocktail but can also make it more appealing visually. Most edible flowers can be used as a garnish in cocktails, but make sure you know what taste you’re going for if you plan on crushing the petals and infusing them with the drink.

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