Welcome to Heaven: Heaven Hill Distillery’s Old Fitzgerald Bourbon Whiskey

The Kentucky-based spirit company Heaven Hill was born in 1935. Today, Heaven Hill has acquired over 50 brands and maintain 1.3 million barrels throughout Kentucky. The Old Fitzgerald Kentucky Bourbon was acquired by Heaven Hill in 1999, but has been alive for over 120 years. Its namesake, John E. Fitzgerald, was one of the first “private label” bourbon sellers, and he sold exclusively to steamships and railways.

This spring, Heaven Hill and The Old Fitzgerald will be launching a limited edition bottle of Old Fitzgerald’s Bottled-in-Bond classic bourbon. The design of the bottle is inspired by a 1950’s Old Fitzgerald design, thrilling liquor historians and those who love a beautiful bottle alike. Its beloved taste, designated by the “whisper of wheat” in the distilling process, is unique and distinctive. A sip of this infamous brand’s bourbon will surely have you feeling heavenly!

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