Volcan de Fuego at the Casa Dragones Tasting Room

Tequila comes in many different bottles, with a wide range of tastes, is loved by many and studied by the dedicated few. As part of the Casa Dragones Tequila Bartender Residency Program in Casa Dragones Tasting Room in San Miguel de Allende, Omar Terriquez of Dodo Café & Bar in downtown Querétaro, Mexico, traveled to the “world’s smallest tequila bar” to create the Volcan de Fuego signature craft cocktail. Volcan de Fuego is inspired by the volcanic soil of the agave fields in Jalisco.

The ingredients are simple: 5 ml (which is approximately one teaspoon) of Yellow Chartreuse, 5 ml of ancho chile liqueur, 5 ml of lemon juice, 60 ml of the stellar tequila, Casa Dragones Blanco and 6 dashes of mole bitters. The spiced notes of the chili liqueur marry well with the tequila while the mole bitters provide a rich texture and flavor. The Chartreuse brings out the cocktail’s citrus notes for a subtly spicy and elegant craft cocktail.

Add all of the ingredients to your mixing glass over ice and stir with a bar spoon to chill. Then strain the beautiful, sunny looking drink into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a lemon twist to kick the citrus up a notch. This cocktail is so joyful to the eye, it’s bound to make you feel good even before you take a sip.

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