Blood Orange Saison: A Small Taste of Adventure

An upslope occurs when the warm, humid air from the Gulf of Mexico collides with the cold, brisk air of Colorado creating a winter storm. Upslope Brewing Company occurs when three brewers from Cleveland, Atlanta, and as far south as Argentina collide in Colorado to make beers that encompass the adventurous spirit that echoes throughout the Rocky Mountains. Using ingredients like premium malt and snowmelt and packaged in aluminum cans to be more environmentally friendly, Matt Cutter, Dany Pages, and Henry Wood are brewing lagers and ales that perfectly compliment the outdoor lifestyle.

One example is the Blood Orange Saison. Brewed in collaboration with the Hops & Pie pizzeria in Denver, Mandarina Bavaria hops and blood oranges give it a light citrus taste while pink peppercorns and saison yeast give it a signature spice. All of these flavors collide and give the naturally sweet beer a good, dry finish. The sweet, yet spicy taste of citrus and orange aroma begs one to pack up a few cans, enjoy the great outdoors, and sit back and sip in the sunshine.

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