Eating protein won’t make you “too big”, consuming fat won’t make you fat, cardio machines alone are not the answer to your weight loss goals, directly exercising your thighs or stomach won’t spot reduce body fat in those areas, skipping meals won’t make you slimmer and last but not least, weight training will not make you “bulky”. These are answers to questions I most commonly receive from females about their health routines.
Accepting those statements as truth will be hard for some ladies, I have a question for those who are not convinced, have you found a sustainable health routine that gets you looking and feeling how you want?

Females Approach To Health Part 1 of 2 - Jamie Farrell | Fresh Fitness Food BlogFemales Approach To Health Part 1 of 2 - Jamie Farrell | Fresh Fitness Food Blog

Today, everybody wants results yesterday and many seem to think that health is an area that doesn’t require a prioritising place in busy diaries unless an occasion demands so. Looking a particular way for an event like a wedding is at the top of most ladies wish lists, unfortunately most think that by doing endless hours of cardio, reducing calories or just simply not eating will get them looking how they want.
Whilst a number on a set of scales will be lower, your body composition will not have changed. Those stubborn areas of body fat will still be there and you will have caused ripple effects to areas like hormonal regulation, fertility, complexion, hair condition and mood. Developing an adaptable nutritional approach, periodising your training so that it’s relevant to your goals and accommodating your lifestyle choices will all build the foundations that develop a sustainable healthy body image.
Leading up to an event like a wedding can be stressful enough, so by saving time doing an efficient workout in 30-45 minutes, it will not only help you look better but will also develop posture, strengthen joints and influence healthy bodily functions. Combine that with a nutrition plan that helps keep you calm, clear thinking and compliments your daily activity levels and hopefully you won’t only look and feel great for your big day, you will have found a bespoke method that works for you, that you can use permanently. So avoid generic plans and listen and adapt to your body, don’t let stubborn thinking stand in the way of your health or allow todays convenience to be tomorrows problem.

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