Pabst Milwaukee Brewery To Open April 14

The iconic blue ribbon comes home to its Wisconsin roots with the opening of the Pabst Milwaukee Brewery. From Prohibition-era cheese maker to ironic drink of choice, Pabst is an American institution that changes with the times. And it’s about to do it again with this combination microbrewery, restaurant, and beer garden slated to open April 14 (Milwaukee Day). On tap you’ll find old classics as well as craft styles with a creative twist. With up to 11 brews always in the works, estimated production capacity is 4,000 barrels a year. So, yeah, the Brewery will serve as a hub for Pabst’s growing array of offerings…but that doesn’t mean you have to drink your dinner. The restaurant menu features high-quality gastropub fare made from locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. You’ll be seated within arm’s reach of company history—the new Brewery location reincarnates Pabst’s original brewing complex stomping grounds, in a 144-year-old building used  as a tavern for beer-making employees. If you’re in Milwaukee, make it the First Place you go.


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