The Underground King: English Whiskey Company 8 Year Old Whiskey

The English whiskey Company is breathing a breath of fresh air into the world of fine spirits. How are they doing so? They’re letting their product speak for itself. Now I realize the irony of me saying that while also writing about their product, but the English Whiskey Company and their historic St. George’s distillery has been hard at work producing some of the finest single malt whiskeys this world has ever seen. They’re so focused on the exact precision of their whiskeys that they’ve outsourced their bottling to the brilliant That Boutique-y Whiskey Company. With a fresh new label and a second release locked and loaded, the English Whiskey Company is poised to blow people away with their second batch single malt 8 year whiskey.

This batch features unique distilling techniques that help create an eclectic tasting nectar. Using sweet bourbon casks cause this single malt to have notes of sweet green apple and cherry soda while also maintaining that classic roasty single malt flavor. These flavors paired together allow the whiskey to have a pleasant saccharine flavor while maintaining those ever-important ashy notes. These flavors flow into a long richly warm finish that finds the perfect balance between bite and sweetness. Each sip will leave the drinker feeling like a freshly melted candied apple.

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