Most Iconic Foods And Top Places To Visit In California

The pandemic has been an eye-opener for many. It helped us realize the value of little things like eating out at a restaurant or traveling with the family. After a year and a half of the ordeal, things start to look better as fully vaccinated people can now explore the world and go back to their pre-pandemic life. With tourist spots and restaurants opening up, most of us are busy filling our bucket list with things to do. If you are in California or planning a trip to this beautiful region, here’s how you could get started with the most gastronomic experience.

Pink Hot Dog at Any Hot Dog Place

If you are a tourist and wish to get a real California experience, eat where the locals do. You would discover some truly amazing places in California, which you could not find anywhere else in the world. The Pink’s Hot Dogs, for instance, at any hot dog stall is an experience that the locals would vouch for. Do not be surprised when you find these pink hot dogs are named after infamous celebrities and will be topped with anything from bacon to sour cream.

Donuts At California Donuts


You could find donuts just across the street that you live in. But that’s not the same as devouring a fully-topped California donut. It comes with a selection of toppings that would blow your mind and establish how much the Californians love their donuts and the toppings. Besides the regular sprinklers, you could ask for maple bacon, cereal, or even candy toppings on your donut, and nobody would bat an eyelid!

Crêpes at Harajuku Crêpe

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Crêpes is a delicious pancake that comes in two forms – sweet crêpes and savory galette. Crêpes are popular around the world, but the reason you should try them when in California is that you get to customize your crêpes to match your taste. Harajuku Crêpe, the Japanese crêpes place taps into the interest of Californians of toppings. They offer an organic spread of toppings, including sesame ice cream and mochi. You could make it a colorful affair by adding an ensemble of fruits and berries too.

Breakfast Burrito at Tacos Villa Corona

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so how could we ignore that in a list that revolves around exploring food places? You should start your day by diving deep into the breakfast burrito served at the  Tacos Villa Corona. The restaurant’s name could be a bit off-putting given the battle with the pandemic, but the taste of the burrito makes up for it! Make sure you ask the locals for directions or have your map on while looking for this shop, as it is a little hole-in-the-wall setup that is easy to miss. The locals might say that the aroma of the burritos will draw you in its direction if you’re near the taco shop, so get ready to treat all your senses when you try this burrito. 

California is a foodie’s paradise and has something to match the needs of every person. Make sure you explore and go beyond the touristy places. The alluring colors, the distinct ingredients, and the euphoric feeling of exploring the most amazing foods will stay with you forever. Treat your taste buds to the most scrumptious food in town, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Have you explored any of these delicious food places in California? Do you think we missed some food spots that are a must-try? Are you ready to experience foodgasm? Do mention it in the comments section. We are sure fellow travelers and foodies would thank you for it!

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