Step Out of Your Comfort Zone with Fernetic

If you thought your beer game was on point before, get ready for a change. Forbidden Root has created a collaboration that will have you wondering why it has never been done before. The Chicago based botanic brewery and restaurant has partnered with the producers of Fernet-Branca to deconstruct the beloved Italian digestif and reconstruct the legendary family recipe that dates back to 1845 into a wondrous craft beer for Amaro and beer lovers.

Fernetic is an exotic, spicy and complex beer – everything you would desire from this creative collaboration. With quality ingredients this beer offers hints of coffee and peppermint on the nose, complex flavors, a soft roastiness in its dark-colored finish with bittern notes that build up to a spicy, creamy middle and dry woody finish. The uncommon beer is currently available on draft at Forbidden Root. It’s time to hit up windy city!

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