What Does A Calorie Deficit Look Like On FFF?


It’s that time again. Those distant flights booked are quickly becoming a reality, and being beach ready is your goal.
We understand everybody is different, but basic science would suggest if you’re looking to lean down you need to look at calories in vs calories out. Put simply, you need be in calorie deficit; and we’d like to show you what this looks like on FFF.
Two of our team members here at FFF are currently looking to drop their body fat, ready to feel their best ahead of summer. As you may of seen on our Instagram, our Marketing Exec Abbie has recently completed an 8-week transformation fuelled by FFF and trained by our team!
Abbie has a few holidays and special social occasions lined up this summer, on top of recently returning from a 4 month trip around SE Asia. A diet overhaul was at the top of the agenda upon landing,  so the opportunity to commit to FFF for 8 weeks was just the nudge needed. Despite being used to tracking her macros in the past, Abbie has a tendency to yo-yo diet for fast, short term results. These fad fixes were quickly forgotten, with Abbie sustaining a healthy 20% calorie deficit on our fat loss package. Abbie is currently consuming around 1650 calories across 3 meals and 1/2 snacks per day. Here’s what she has to say about her current plan:

“The meals on FFF are packed full of variety. Gone are the days of just chicken, rice, and broccoli for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With FFF, my bag is full of delicious granola filled breakfasts, guilt free curries and a selection of indulgent sweet and savoury snacks; which means I never feel deprived. Don’t get me wrong, there are some days where I feel more peckish – but that is expected being on a calorie deficit. Being on FFF has also helped me with portion size, so that when I cook at the weekends I have a better understanding of what my body needs and how my plate should look.”

This is what a typical day on FFF looks like for Abbie.  She realised early on that she works better with smaller frequent meals or snacks- the benefit with FFF is that you can tailor your menu to your own needs.  You can read more about Abbie’s recent transformation over on our blog here.

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James, our Head of Sales is currently looking to drop body fat whilst also gaining lean muscle. To do this, our nutritionists have put him on a 10% calorie deficit using our Lean Gains package. James trains 4-5 times a week lifting heavy weights, so it’s important that he has enough energy from his food to fuel these workouts.

“I am shooting to hit 250 grams of protein a day while maintaining a caloric deficit over a sustained period of time. I have attempted to up my NEAT by walking more and training a couple more times a week, creating a net calorie deficit of between 500-1000 kcals a day. Knowing exactly what I am getting and from what meals macros is essential for me to do this consistently. Fresh Fitness Food makes this possible when I struggle to find time to cook and meal prep. 3,000 kcals may seem like a lot but it is much better to keep kcals high where you can and try to move more on a daily basis.”

James is able to drop fat and still have the energy to train hard, ensuring he is eating a variety of meals from his lean gains package. Each meal is prepared fresh using unprocessed ingredients alongside an abundance of vegetables, meaning the volume of food you are receiving keeps you both full and satisfied.

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Our top tips to stick to your calorie deficit:
+ Allow yourself a few calories for milks in coffees/tea. Life is tough without your morning coffee!
+ Be honest with yourself. Are you eating more than you think?
+ Ensure you are hydrated – always keep a bottle of water nearby!
+ Make sure you are getting enough shut eye. Lack of sleep has been shown to impact your hunger hormones.
+ Be smart with your meals. If you don’t get hungry until 11am don’t eat your breakfast until then. If you need to eat a lot before training just time your meals around this. Make your fuel work for you.
It’s not uncommon to feel slightly hungry in a calorie deficit, however if you feel faint or weak it may be time to up your calories. These should be dropped gradually so that if your weight loss begins to plateau, you can always alter your calories to help get things moving again.
If you have any questions about your current calorie intake from FFF or would like to discuss any of our packages, get in touch with the team by following the link below. We’d love to hear from you.
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