Palata Number 6 – The Best Bar in Kiev

Palata Number 6 is the best bar in Kiev and one we even put on our ten best bars to see before you die! That is how much we love this place. Colloquially known as the hospital bar, because it is themed like an asylum. yes Palate number 6 has straight jackets, which we will get to later.

What’s the score with Palata number 7 AKA The Hospital Bar

Communist times are well and truly gone in Kiev, nowadays it is a really happening city with lots of entrepreneurs doing some super cool stuff. Kiev can be notoriously cheap, or Russian mafiosa + hot chicka expensive. Palata number 6 is extremely cheap for what you get, but without being slimy.

Of course the tourists flock here too, but this is very much  place for the cool hipster crowd of Kiev to hang out. Everyone smokes outside,w which makes that best part to hang out and make local friends. I have made locals friends here.

And the food at Palata number 6?

A relatively eclectic menu with many Ukrainian favorites and easy go to things like burgers for the less adventurous. My top tip? A plate of fat, that is right a plate of different animal fats, comes with mustard and is a heart attack on a plate.

Food is cheap too, with a main plate and beer setting you back 10 bucks, even if yu go shot and round crazy it is hard to spend more than 20 bucks here.

And the shots at Palata Number 6

Palata Number 6
Palata Number 6

Basically it is all about the shots, particularly the straight jacket shot – which we will get to, but they have other hospital themed ones which include again straight jackets, test tubes, injectors and the whole nine yards. Shots are cheap at just a few dollars, which when you consider the craftsmanship is frankly amazing.

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The most famous shot from Palata Number 6!

We will do the stages

  • Put on straight jacket
  • Put on Helmet
  • Add petrol to helmet
  • Drink shots
  • Get shouted at
  • The bartender blows flames over your head
  • You drink more shots
  • You have a barrel whacked against your head
  • You have a light buzz

I have honestly not seen craftsmanship like this in a bar anywhere in the world, it truly is amazing what these guys do here. This is true showmanship and mixology! It is also just nice place to hang out and meet people.

When should you visit the Hospital Bar in Kiev

You could honestly hang out here every day of the week if you were in Kiev, but as good as it is there are many other cracking bars too.

Personally I go here before I visit Chernobyl – these two truly go together like pease and carrots!

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And then there is Transnistria and Odessa, but hey they are whole other stories, and indeed stories for another time.

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