8 cocktails to drink during the colder months

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Laying on an inflatable lounger with a summer fruit-infused cocktail in hand, seems like a distant memory now that winter is in full-swing. The long dull days makes each day feel ever-lasting and dismal, but it’s nothing a cocktail can’t fix.

Winter isn’t about eliminating refreshing drinks, but there are things that can make them more seasonally appropriate. You can sip a martini any time of year, but there’s nothing quite like rum, whiskey and tequila cocktails on chilly winter evenings, which have been warmed up with spices and winter fruits. Here are some top picks that are sure to go down a treat to beat those icy midwinter evenings, whilst reclining in an inflatable hot tub.

 ‘Hot Toddy’
Hot Toddy drinkmemag.com drink me Winter Cocktails

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A hot toddy is typically a mixed drink made up of liquor and water, mixed with honey, herbs and spices, and known for being able to cure colds and help warm up. This pick is found on winter cocktail menus all over the UK when the temperature drops. All you need is whiskey, rum or brandy – whichever you prefer – and ingredients such as fruits, spices and cloves to enhance the flavour.

Winter Margarita
Winter Margarita drinkmemag.com drink me Winter Cocktails

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On February 22nd, “National Margarita Day” strikes once again. Margarita’s aren’t limited to being sipped poolside whilst relaxing on water floats; instead get your taste buds popping and warm up from the winter chill with this twist on the normal margarita recipe. Essentially, a wintertime margarita is a like the traditional cocktail, but with an egg white, recreating those delicious summer flavours, but with some thickness and depth to create a hearty winter treat!

Penicillin drinkmemag.com drink me Winter Cocktails

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The Penicillin is a classic cocktail, with a smoky, spicy mix of Scotch, honey and ginger, to create warm, Christmas-inspired flavours. The use of Scotch and ginger and smoky Laphroaig create a perfect alcoholic beverage that is perfectly suited to the wintery season, and is sure to ‘cure’ you of the wintery blues.

Cognac French 75
Cognac French 75 drinkmemag.com drink me Winter Cocktails

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Said to be named after a World War I field gun, this classic drink “hits with remarkable precision according to a 1930 Savoy Cocktail Book. The French 75 is usually made with gun, but in wintery months, it is advised to graduate to more richer and silkier flavours, such as cognac. The sophisticated Champagne taste mixes neatly with the spirit to make it into a more wintery version of itself.

Aged Rum Daiquiri
Aged Rum Daiquiri drinkmemag.com drink me Winter Cocktails

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The Daiquiri is a simple-to-make cocktail, that is well-balanced, yet refreshing. The combination of sweet, sour and spirit is refreshingly tangy and perfect for any occasion. The normal Daiquiri is created using a white rum, but replacing it with an aged rum that has delicious caramel notes creates a rich taste – perfect for winter.

Hot Mulled Rum
Hot Mulled Rum drinkmemag.com drink me Winter Cocktails

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If you are an avid lover of mulled wine at Christmastime, and drank too much over the holiday period, why not change it up and cleanse your palate with this rum beverage instead? The flavours of citrus, ginger and dried hibiscus add spiced floral notes to pinot noir and rum. The festive flavour of cinnamon and cloves ensure the drink is warm and soothing.

Northern Exposure
Northern Exposure drinkmemag.com drink me Winter Cocktails

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Northern Exposure is an alternative to the popular Irish Coffee – perfect for a nightcap or to simply warm up after a cold day out and about. The addition of whiskey and liqueur help the cocktail add an alcoholic kick to the other flavours, such as cinnamon syrup and coffee. It is advised to apply a scoop of whipped cream to the top, to sweeten up the rich cocktail a touch.

Italian Chocolate Martini
Italian Hot Chocolate drinkmemag.com drink me Winter Cocktails

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This caffeinated take on the classic Chocolate Martini is the perfect drink for settling down in the evening and unwinding. The frothy drink uses the rich taste of Italian Amaro (liquor), and can be topped with coffee beans to create an Italian coffee-style beverage – ideal for the evening.

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