Brooklyn Restaurant – The Best Pizza in Phnom Penh

Where can you get the best pizza in Phnom Penh? Easy answer Brooklyn Pizza and Bistro on Street 123. It is also next to the best all you can eat wings in the capital, but we can deal with that ice later.

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Phnom Penh is great for many things, pizza is not necessarily one of them. The Pizza Company are the most popular franchise with locals, but, well they are really quite awful. There are a few decent restaurants that serve OK pizza, particularly one which we have deemed the best “Roman Pizza”, but few knock your socks off places.

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Who makes the best pizza?

But this brings us on to the question which countries make the best pizza! I was briefly employed writing about the street food of Roma and of course I have been there. Rome invented the pizza, so obviously lay claim to being the best. One might well argue though that Brooklyn and New York have fine-tuned this dish to another level.

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The Phnom Penh Pizza scene

As previously stated not all that great, although Pizza Hut are going to be the latest franchise to enter the country, ironically quite near Brooklyn Pizza on Street 123. Weirdly whilst Pizza Hut is considered more fast-food in the west, in the east it is thought of as fine-dining. Many a time I have been treated to Pizza Hut in China, accompanied by wine served in a water glass, often with ice.

Phnom Penh though is very western centric, so getting a decent enough pizza is easy to do, its getting a great one that is hard.

What is the best Pizza is Phnom Penh?

The Best Pizza in Phnom Penh
The Best Pizza in Phnom Penh

The best pizza in Phnom Penh is at Brooklyn Pizza and Bistro, or simply Brooklyn Restaurant and this is for a number of reasons. Value wise it beats the crap out of places like the Pizza company, with big old meat pizza setting you back just 12 bucks.

The quality also shines through in the next day eating challenge. We all love next day pizza and Brooklyn Pizza reheats well the next day, which again gives it some extra kudos from us.

Location, location, location in Phnom Penh

The Best Pizza in Phnom Penh
The Best Pizza in Phnom Penh(Brooklyn Menus )

To be the best pizza in Phnom Penh you also need to be well situated and these guys are right in the heart of the action. They are also next to Ruby’s which aside from the best all you can eat wings also has a $15 all you drink beer gig going on.

They are currently working on their website, which you can see here

And last but by no means least the owners are just really nice people, great food becomes shit when you are served by surly owners and staff, Brooklyn Pizza have great people and the best pizza in Phnom Penh, and this makes them all right by us!

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