From Humble Beginnings to Award Winning Whisky Head Distiller at Balcones Distillery: Jared Himstedt

It all started with a wedding gift. Who knew the contents of that beautifully packaged present would inspire the birth of an artist? Jared Himstedt, Head Distiller and Distillery Manager at Balcones Distilling, began his journey opening a home-brewing beer kit that was gifted to him at his wedding. From there, he was a member of a brewing group that held monthly meetings to review their homemade beers. Fast forward ten years, and he’s the Head Distiller at Balcones Distillery. Paving the way for his own success by listening to the desires of his mind rather than listening to market trends, Jared Himstedt is a classic example of how individuals can meet awe-inspiring goals when love and passion are involved.

A graduate from Baylor University, Himstedt is no stranger to hard work and dedication. His degree in ceramics and social work already makes him a highly skilled individual, add the creator of a whisky empire to his list of growing accomplishments, and it’s safe to say Jared Himstedt is a jack of all trades. You may have your reasons as to why Balcones Whisky is one of the best on the market today – Jared believes Balcones Whisky flourishes simply because the product is made for people just like him: people who love whisky.

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