The Best Martini Challenge in the World Reconvenes in London

On January 18, 2018, gin-lovers will converge on East London for the second World’s Best Martini Challenge.  The contest will feature the 2017 brand winner, Daffy’s Gin, as well as five finalists from The Contender’s Challenge Series, an international gin tasting competition led by martini connoisseurs and Challenge cofounders Gary Sharp and James Thomas.

The new 2018 contenders are Arbikie’s Gin, Bertha’s Revenge, Kokoro Gin, Lilliput Dorset Gin, and Pothecary Gin.  Paired with a bar and a bartender, each team has concocted both a classic and a showcase martini, uniquely blended to flaunt the best qualities of the featured gin.  The creations will be judged by Anna Sebastian of the Artesian Bar, Mark Ludlom of Bar Magazine, and Rich Hunt of the Mint Gun Club.  The final showdown will take place within the contours of Hackney hotspot Oslo, where artistically draped ceiling lamps will cast a glow on the gin world’s next star.  All you need is a ticket to get you through the door for an exciting night of gin sampling and your chance to vote on the winner.

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