Deep fried frog in Cambodia

Just when I thought I had tried every variation of frog in Cambodia possible, I was thrown deep fried frog. And not just deep fried frog, but fried in the type of batter we use in Fish and Chips. I simply had to try it.

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Frogs, frogs and more frogs!

I’ve eaten frog across the globe, from France to China frog is not an unusual dish!Yet I have never seen as many variations on the cooking of said beast until I came to Cambodia.

From a deep fried rice paddy frog (not nice) to a frug stuffed with pork (actually surprisingly good), it is fair to say that frogs form a fairly mighty food group here.

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Why do Cambodians eat so much frog?

Frog, or as some locals pronounce it fwog are eaten so readily because of how common they are. In the times of the Khmer Rouge catching a frog could be the difference between starving,or not.

Deep Fried Frog!

So, after finishing a rather pleasant boat trip along the Mekong that I happened to pass a woman selling “stuff” cooked in batter. It did not take much more investigation to see that these were frogs in batter. Now whilst the Scots might be famous for battering EVERYTHING i’m sure even they have not been that far!

What does frog deep fried in batter taste like?

The batter tasted exactly like I might expect to find from a chip shop, which really surprised me. The frog itself, was bony (of course), BUT frog tastes like chicken. So, it was kinda like a deep fried chicken dish. And at $2.50 for 5 pieces, not all that bad value.

If I get the chance, or rather if I get bored enough i’d love to try a big frog deep fried in batter, served with French Fries! That would really make me happy…

Overall a thumbs up for deep fried frog!

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