Street Food Orussey Market – The Number 1 Guide

Can you get street food at Orussey market? Yes you can and it is pretty damned good – article over? This has been the longest I have found myself stuck in a country, which has meant me having to really wrack my brains for content. This has meant me recently going over my many years of travel, so I decided it was time I actually covered some street food….

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What is Orussey Market?

There’s a lot of markets in Phnom Penh, but Orussey is probably one of the coolest. It open from 5-6 am until around 6pm with you being able to buy everything from electronics to a whole pig. Yes a whole pig! See photo attached.

This is also right next to the bus station, so a great place for provisions when you are heading out to places like Kep!

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When things close though the whole area turns into street food heaven, the whole pigs make an appearance again and there are a whole heap of dead chickens ready to be eaten.

Street Food Orussey Market

Street Food Orussey Market
Street Food Orussey Market

It starts with the aforementioned pig, before going off on quite the tangent. There is pretty much every genre of Phnom Penh street food here, obviously including num pang, but it is the diced chicken section that is the best.

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This is classic BBQ chicken and pork, there are whole chickens, baby chicken, bits of chicken and my favorite chicken anus! Who doesn’t like to eat the ass of a chicken? Exactly.

There are also some fine large pieces of pork which go down a storm. To select you grab the skewers place what you want on the cooker and then hey presto they start cooking.

Eating Street Food at Orussey Market

There’s tables and chairs a plenty for you to sit and enjoy, with the servers and clientele being a real mixed bag of vegetables. Most of the stalls seemed to be ran by ethnic Vietnamese, no bad thing if you know my thoughts on Vietnamese street food (the best in the world).

Drinks wise there is all the favorites including beer on ice. I know its controversial, but I now don’t mind a bit of beer on ice.

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Everything is served chopped up with Cambodian herbs, hot sauce and my personal favorite Kampot pepper and lime. Kampot pepper and lime will one day get its own article. Today is not that day.

You then feast via chopsticks.

Eating at Orussey Market – value for money?

I honestly did not check the prices, but four beers a coke and enough food to truly fill two normal sized people came to $7. Phnom Penh street food sure packs it on bang for buck.

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Whether you happen to be in the area, are taking the bus somewhere or just returning to Phnom Penh, Street Food Orussey market has all your street food needs covered.

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