The actual best breakfast muffin in Siem Reap

OK, so I have now tried the actual best breakfast muffin in Siem Reap. Last month I wrote an article about Pong stating it was the best breakfast muffin in Cambodia – you can read the article here.

I still largely stick by this comment, which I will justify later, BUT while Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville people largely agreed with me, Siem Reapers were up in arms – turns out they really like Cafe Soriya in these parts. I decided to check what all the fuss was about!

Where is Cafe Soriya

They are not at the place Grab thinks they are! As I was to find out after going to their old location. They are though by the riverside near the wonderful Star Bar.

The riverside location is very plush and they have a great indoor and outdoor seating area, as well as a cute dog to add to the ambience. I sat at a nice round table and enjoyed said ambience.

Best Breakfast Muffin in Siem Reap – The menu

The menu in general was large and eclectic, but the muffin menu was simply out of this world. There were all the McDonalds style McMuffins, but also crazy ones like avocado, as well as fish tartare. I got really excited by  this one, but turns out it was tartare sauce, rather than raw fish. I’ll give them a pass on that one quite simply because the rest was so damned good.

I went for bacon and egg, , sausage and egg, as well as the aforementioned tartare. Truly top notch, better than McDonalds and in many ways better than Pong Siem Reap, but I will add some caveats later….

This was washed down with a  snickers milkshake, although I was tempted by a  Bloody Mary, although of course there is an alcohol ban right no now. They didn’t do any coffee, but i’m assured it is pretty good.

Cafe Soriya vs Pong Siem Reap

For taste and variety I will stand corrected on the best muffin in Siem Reap debate, BUT it is also a bit like comparing apples and oranges. Cafe Soriya is a place I would go for a late breakfast, or hungover for a feast. You don’t come here for fast food.

Pong Siem Reap are offering a great fast food alternative that will get you your muffin as well as your coffee in 4 minutes. So, if you have the for  feast head to Cafe Soriya, if you want a fast food breakfast the action is at Pong.

I hope that clears everything up…..

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