Taste of the Middle-East Phnom Penh

I have written much of my love of kebabs, so I had to end up at taste of the Middle-East Phnom Penh at some point. My colleague had assured me he’d ordered from there a lot, so after some serendipity we ended up there.

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There’s eating outside and a small inner-restaurant, an overall cozy feel before you get your menu.

Taste of the Middle-East Phnom Penh Menu

It’s basically an Iraqi restaurant, so there are all the Iraqi favorites such as foal, which I have to had and various curry like dishes. Then there is the “kebab section”, with what was billed as shawarma, beef and lamb, as well as falafel. We ordered the lot, as well as humus (of course) and gravy potatoes.

The server warned us it would be a lot, but we perceived anyway!

How is the food at taste of the Middle-East Phnom Penh?

It was ok, but overall I was seriously underwhelmed. I ordered and was presented with a shawarma, but I think it was just a chicken kebab and one which fell to bits the moment you picked it up.

The rest of the dishes were OK, but it is also really quite hard to mess up humus and falafel. I remember being in Palestine, where it is bat-shit crazy expensive and only being able afford a falafel from an extremely racist Palestinian man who liked to drop the N bomb a lot. I have issues with falafel.

Can you drink at taste of the Middle-East Phnom Penh?

So, this is the part that annoys me. You cannot drink alcohol because they are muslim and there’s and alcohol ban. That part I am fine with and we had cups of water as we arrived.

Keep in mind there were 5 customers in the whole restaurant, and two servers. We ordered soda water 4 times, which was eventually brought out after we had finished our food. I sent them back, by this point we needed more than a mere soda water.

Overall, not bad, but very far from earth-shattering. I’ll next have Iraqi food when I can go to Iraq…..

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