Street Food Wan Chai

Wan Chai is famous as the party capital of Hong Kong, its red light district, and home of the “Wan Chai Sunday”, when the domestic helpers of HK go party crazy, with clubs opening at 6 am, and the short term hotels doing a roaring trade.

But aside from the girly bars, freelancers, and rent by the hour hotels, there’s also some of the best street food in Hong Kong. Said food also represents the only cheap Wan chai food (aside from 7-11), so it’s win-win.

On the corner of Lockhart Road, and opposite the 24 hour 7-11 (more about 7-11 pub crawl later), is Street Food 1986, and Ada.

I’m not sure if either of these have Michelin Stars, but it’s not only cheap Wan Chai food (by Hong Kong standards anyway), but makes great drunk food at the end of a Wan Chai night.

Now, there is sooooo many different dishes here, from bits of fish, to fried noodles, and stuff I have no idea what it is, so I’m just gonna stick to the best street foods of Wan Chai.

My personal weapon of choice is the fish balls in curry sauce, with mustard.

There’s three fish balls here. The red long one is 蟹肉棒, the total white one is 墨鱼丸, the gray one is 牛肉丸. Chinese lesson over. The smaller white one is a fish ball filled with mozzarella. That’s right mozzarella. It is the best street food I have EVER had. Yes ever, although not quite pas good as in Macao.

A truly filling bowl with curry sauce, and mustard will set you back 7 USD. Not that cheap by global standards, but cheaper than a meal in Wan Chai, and simply amazing.

Alternatively a hot dog will set you back about $1.50, as will a sandwich from 7-11 if you’re really on a tight budget.

And of course any evening in Wan Chai is not complete without a few beers in Amazonia, the bar where no gentleman need be lonely, especially on a Sunday.

Street Food might not be what brings you to Wan Chai, but it’s a decent reason to stay….


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