Nauru BBQ

Well, I’m sitting in Nauru Airlines after 7 days in the country (yes that is a long time) on a flight to Fiji and now preparing for my last entry into the Nauru chronicles!

Having added two extra days (through no fault of my own) to the Nauru tour itinerary, I knew our last night had to be not only special but memorable. In Nauru this is not always an easy task. I though went full Texas holdem and decided to throw all my cards onto the Nauru food table.

When it comes to last nights you really can’t beat a buffet bbq, but in Nauru this takes planning. I discussed with the restaurant about what they could include, which was sausage, beef, and salad pretty much. I decided to “top up” at the supermarket with turkey wings and drum sticks, lamb, ocean sticks and beer. I also hit up the “black market” for tuna, noddy bird, and coconut milk (for the raw tuna).

Raw tuna

We were served a true Pacific feast! There’s no point me describing chicken wings, so I’ll hit up the highlights.

Coconut fish is raw tuna served in coconut milk. You can read more about it here, but it’s freaking amazing. Then there was the turkey drumsticks. I’ve never barbecued turkey before, but holy shit I will now. Turkeys are bloody big.

Fried Turkey Drum Stick

And of course, the noddy bird, which you can read about here, but one of the handiest meats I’ve ever tried, quite like liver, and with a crunchy head!!!!

Noddy bird BBQ

The night was finished with beers and impromptu karaoke. The Nauru Hotel has an amazing big song list to be fair, not so much amazing local singers though…

A great way to finish our last night in the least visited country in the world, Nauru.

Don’t worry y’all the Street Food Guy will be back.

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