Is Koskenkorva The Vodka To “Finnish” Your Spirits Repertoire?

Koskenkorva Vodka is produced in the village of Koskenkorva, Finland. It’s made with local barley, pure spring water sourced from the Salpausselka ridges, pure enough to drink without a filtering or purification processes. Fun fact: The Salpausselka ridge formed in the end of the last ice age when the 2-3 km. thick ice sheet receded.

“So?” you say. What does this mean for the Drink Me reader? It means a purer product which, in turn, means a smoother experience and likely a lesser hangover. Additionally, Koskenkorva Vodka is known for its continuous distillation process which enables the distillery to produce uniform quality an extremely pure grain spirit.

Inside the Koskenkorva Vodka Distillery


The Koskenkorva Distillery has its own bio-energy power plant which has helped reduce the plant’s carbon dioxide emissions by 56% and has increased its self-sufficiency, in terms of fuel for steam production, to 65%.

The average waste recycling and reutilization rate in Altia’s production is 99.5 % and up to 99.9 % at the Koskenkorva plant.

The Koskenkorva Vodka plant utilizes each barley grain in full:

  • Approximately 24% of the grain is used in ethanol production.
  • Almost 1/3 (Approx. 36%) is utilized in starch production, for the making of paper and food industry needs.
  • One-third of the grain (Approx. 33%) is directed towards animal feed production.
  • The remaining 7 %, including the peeled grain husks and dust from the peeling process, are used as biofuel in the on-site power plant enabling the Koskenkorva plant up to 65% self-sufficiency in fuel. The ash from the power plant is used as a fertilizer, mostly at the nearby barley fields.
  • The carbon dioxide generated in the fermentation process is captured and utilized for example in greenhouse farming.

Village of Koskenkorva

Berry and Sage 75 


  • 1.5 oz. Koskenkorva Vodka
  • 0.5 oz Fresh lemon juice
  • 0.5 oz Simple syrup
  • 3 Blackberries
  • 2 Sage leaves
  • 3 oz Chilled champagne

Method: Muddle two blackberries in tin. Lightly roll one sage leaf between your hands and ad to tin. Shake long and hard, then top with 3 ozs of champagne. Fine strain into a champagne flute and garnish with one blackberry and one sage leaf.

You can purchase the vodka HERE.

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