Mike Paterson: Lay of The Land Elevation Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Winemaker: Mike Paterson
Wine: Lay of The Land Elevation Sauvignon Blanc
Vintage:  2015
Varietal: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Price: GBP £11.99 USD $15.75

Yet another storming vintage from Mike ‘The Marlborough Maestro’ Paterson!

Archetypal MSB nose of pungent tropical aromas, with pineapple and mango dominating, alongside a subtle grassy, almost vegetative note in the background. You can swirl and sniff this wine for an eternity and it just keeps on giving; the palate is led by the same sweet tropical fruit, but in this case it’s not sickly or overbearing, in fact it’s very clean and expressive and the same grassy note on the nose is present in the mouth which adds fine balance to a complex palate, not many MSB can claim complexity, but with this beauty, you simply can’t deny it.

Silky smooth, with a nice linear acidity that adds a little bit of zest to counter the sweetness, elegant with a wonderful oily complexion for a lighter bodied wine. A pronounced intensity and persistent finish make for a very pleasing and rounded experience.

I found over chilling this wine really nullified those beautiful tropical elements, 10’c is about bang on!

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