Living in Nauru (kinda)

I’ve now spent 3 weeks of my life in the Republic of Nauru, I won’t now be claiming that I’ve lived here, but I do feel my time here makes me one of the best places people to talk about what’s it like to live in Nauru. So, here goes.

What restaurants does Nauru have?

There’s the Hotel Nauru, and Bayview that serves international fare, and then there are Chinese restaurants. As Chinese food goes it’s adequate, but not good either. It would be easy to get bored of eating out in Nauru.

What is the nightlife like in Nauru?

There’s Jules on the deck and the reef bar at hotel Menen. Weekends can be quite the party, but weekdays not much goes on.

Are things open on a Sunday in Nauru?

No, they are not.

What’s the shopping situation?

You can buy groceries at Capelle supermarket. Everything is imported, so it’s not all that cheap, but they do sell fruit and vegetables. They also sell a lot of corned beef, and spam, hence the obesity of the country.

Is there any “local” food in Nauru!?

There’s coconut fish, which is a poke type raw fish deal, as well as the noddy bird, which is unique, to say the least!

So, living in Nauru would hardly be a non-stop Mardi Gras, but it’s not all that bad. It’s worth noting that must of the refugees that were here did not live in camps, as per the common perception, but out and about in the country. Which begs the question, if you are fleeing danger, death, war, or tyranny, would living in Nauru be all that bad? It really wouldn’t.

And that’s the low dining on being an expat in Nauru, who knows I might one day do it full time…

I really wouldn’t…

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