I’ve been a huge Fanta fan since I was a kid, having not realised it was a Nazi invention. I briefly had a fling with Tango in the UK, but generally speaking I’ve been loyal to Fanta.

In the UK you have always got the odd weird Fanta flavour, but it is Europe and beyond that Fanta starts to get weird beard.

I’ve decided to start an ongoing blog where we indulge in Fanta Quest, the quest to find the best flavoured Fanta in the world. The weirdest I ever discovered was Fanta Tonic Water in Belize, and Royal in the Philippines.

What is FantaQuest?

The general theory is to update as I go to different countries, but let’s start with RoyalTu in the Philippines. Royal actually updates Fanta, but then coke being coke simply brought out the brand and made it Fanta flavoured. Amazingly most Filipinos haven’t even heard of Fanta.

Updates to follow…..

A flagrant abuse of FantaQuest protocol, but one of my favourite Fanta clones from Xi’an, Shaanxi. 冰峰 to get all fancy pants!

China usually delivers a few cool Fanta flavours, here blackcurrant and apple picked from the local store.

Now going through old media and found some classics

FantaQuest UK!

Witnessing some top stuff back in the UK! The local corner store has gone FantaQuest crazy.

Best selling soft drinks in the world

Some top ones here included Fanta mango, wild cherry and green apple, but in a major afront to the rules of FantaQuest, also Tango!

I put apple Tango up against Fanta green apple, with it being a resounding victory to Tango. The quest continues…..

FantaQuest slushie!!!!

Who does not a love a slushie? What’s the only better than one? A FantaQuest slushie of course!

Best selling soft drinks in the world
Best selling soft drinks in the world

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