Which countries do and don’t have Hooters?

Which countries do and don’t have Hooters? Say what you want about them, but it is very much an institution, and not only an institution, but now a global phenomenon.

Tacky? Sure, but also much like people used to read Playboy “for the articles” Hooters is somewhere people go “for the wings”. No need to lie, we know why we all like Hooters.

The history

They first opened it’d doors in 1983. The concept was simple. Scarily clad ladies would sell food and drink. In 1984 it was brought out and it was from here that it was to become the institution it is today.

Very little of the uniform and indeed menu has changed since this time. Since then the company have branched into hotels, casinos and even an airline! They are also present in a number of countries and territories.

How many countries have Hooters?

They are present in the continental US, Guam and 28 other countries. OK, so it is no McDonalds, but it is also present in a lot of the planet.

To read which countries do and don’t have McDonalds click here .

Shooters not hooters

Which countries have a Hooters?

There is no fixed list of countries that have a branch, but they are spread throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Yes there are many in Asia.

There isn’t though one in Cambodia. You can read about Hooters in Cambodia here .

Which Asian countries have Hooters?

I’ll deal with the Elephant in the Room right away. When I have posted about Hooters in Asian countries before you get very standard sexist comments about how Asians don’t have what it takes. This is baloney.

They are present in China, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and Korea. The one in Thailand was so successful it spawned a yearning for branches in other South-East Asian countries, sadly Covid-19 has put a stop to a lot of this.

I have personally only visited the Beijing branch, which has since closed. I can confirm the ribs were extremely good…..

Will they be expanding in Asia?

Officially at least and there has been talk of it in Cambodia on/off for years. Again coronavirus kind of got in the way of things here. There has also been talk of one in Indonesia, although how that would quite work with the current government is unsure.

Amazingly there was briefly talk of one in Myanmar, yep Hooters Burma, although with the current coup much less likely.

Hooters Pyongyang? Maybe in my life time….

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