How To Get Your Limited Bottle Of Flaviar

Flaviar has launched Larga Vida XO 2018 rum, the newest addition in its growing portfolio of fine spirits. The all-new, aged rum embodies the celebration of life through various complexities and sweet triumphs. Stemmed from the Spanish phrase “Larga Vida y Prosperidad” which translates to “long life and prosperity,’ encourages both connoisseurs and non-expert drinkers to explore this unique spirit and spread the love of not only quality liquor and spirits, but the love for life.

“Flaviar is a community for spirits enthusiasts who are after unique spirits,” said Grisa Soba, Co-Founder of Flaviar. “Larga Vida XO 2018 is our first rum label and our most ambitious project to date, as we have explored and experimented for over three years with full control over the process.”

Larga Vida XO 2018 was aged in various capacities through Sherry barrels, providing a Sherry-forward flavor, as well as wine and new-oak casks, and charred-oak vats. The liquor is also an artistic blend of nine rums from the world’s top distilleries in Barbados, Dominican Republic, Guadalupe, Guatemala, Guyana, Jamaica, Mauritius, Panama and Trinidad. Resulting from the tropical blend are notes of fried bananas, raisins, Sherry, cinnamon, liquorice, vanilla, brown sugar, orange peel, nuts and spices, leaving a rich, amber color and a Cognac-like smoky finish.

Served from the private bottlings created by Flaviar, Larga Vida XO 2018 is great for all types of occasions, served neat or mixed in cocktails such as Rum Old Fashioned, Dark & Stormy and Jungle Bird, just to name a few.

With only 1,600 bottles in stock since its creation, Larga Vida XO 2018 sits at 40% ABV and can be ordered online Flaviar members can purchase the aged rum for $55 per 750ml bottle. Following the exclusive members-only presale, there will be a limited number of bottles available for both members and non-members, who can purchase Larga Vida XO 2018 for $65.

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