Tea Time: What’s New At Newby

Newby Tea of London is offering up five new teas to enjoy.

First up we have their award-winning English Breakfast Blend. This tea contains the finest first and second flush whole leaf black teas encased in a biodegradable silken pyramid wrapped in intricately designed foil packaging, which guarantees a fresh, full-bodies, and malty flavors upon steeping. Pour boiling water right over the silken pyramid at a piping 100OC and let brew for 3-5 minutes then add milk and enjoy.

Second up we have the Oolong Collection consisting of four rare Taiwanese Oolong teas. Each tea is created using traditional processing methods of wilting, bruising, oxidization, and wok-firing. High Mountain is blended from semi-wild Si Ji Chun bushes and finishes as a lightly oxidized and golden yellow tea with a subtle orchid aroma and fruity yet sweet taste. Dong Ding’s leaves benefit from deeper oxidization and longer firing leaving the tea with a well-rounded taste with notes of honey, melon, and lilac. Four Seasons Spring is lightly oxidized and semi-fermented with a bright yellow color and floral flavor—smooth with a prolonged finish. Oriental Beauty, the most prized tea within the collection, is deep-fermented with a bright red color and enticing flavors of honey and ripe peach.

Try the new Newby teas today!

English Breakfast Blend $
High Mountain $$$
Dong Ding $$$
Four Seasons Spring $$$
Oriental Beauty $$$$

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