Sandwich Shop Cambodia

Sandwich Shop Phnom Penh pretty much does what it says on the tin, you come here for sandwiches! But they also have burgers, beer and if you hit the Street 172 location drunk expats talking shit loudly, very very loudly.

Street 172 AKA Chicken Farm Road

Street 172 is like the knackers yard for mongerers, the kind of place where the worlds stoners and whore mongers get send out to pasture. There are some truly weird places here, like the very Dirty Old Sailor, but also hidden gems like Sundance.

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I did not realize until recently though that street 172 is actually rather huge, although Covid-19 has really taken its toll here, with more boarded up buildings than actual functioning ones. It was though on a trip back form the airport that I noticed a place that looked interesting.

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There is no Subway in Cambodia

Subway Sandwiches are everywhere right? Almost, because they are not in Cambodia. Ironically Molly’s Sandwiches, which is supposedly the most Subway like restaurant is on 172, opposite The Vine, which is like Cambodia’s McDonalds.

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Sandwich Shop has both burgers and sandwiches, but it is no Subway, or McDonalds.

What do they have at Sandwich Shop Cambodia?

The menu is nice and simple, there’s whole heap of readymade sandwiches, not DIY Subway type stuff, as well as really wide array of burger options. Being the sophisticat  that I am I went for the biggest burger they had with extra cheese, not bad for $3.50. My partner had the roast beef baguette type thing. A few beers, some drinks a decent whack of food and only 10 bucks spent. Sandwich Shop is good value for sure.

And the ambience at Sandwich Shop Cambodia?

Well what can you say? It is on Street 172, so had the usual mixture of homeless hookers, the worst tuk-tuk drivers in the country and loud know it all foreigners. Today’s topic of conversation was what a great bloke Robert Mugabe was.

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Overall though a top place to go if you’ve had a few beers and need an all night eatery that will feed you starch, meat and grease. These are indeed a few of my favorite things.

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