Best Buffet in Phnom Penh – Oishi Grand Buffet Suki Soup and BBQ

The best buffet in Phnom Penh? Covid-19 took a lot of things  away from us, like money and travel, but it is also massively changed other things such as the way that we eat. Buffets, which by nature involve people milling about together and  sharing food quickly became out of fashion.

Now though as the capital has reached a 90 percent plus vaccination rate people are happier to throw caution to the wind, and the buffet is back!

Oishi Grand Buffet Suki Soup and BBQ

The not so catchily titled Oishi Grand Buffet Suki Soup and BBQ is located in the middle of Phnom Penh on a fairly innocuous street. You won’t see too many barring in here, but it is filled to the rafters with locals and Chinese. There is a big public rating area, but the main point is for private parties in the private rooms.

Khmer love to get dressed up, so the private rooms have a karaoke setup and are places to party. This is very different from Khmer BBQ, and is very Korean influenced – yes there is soju, but is very much a fusion affair.

The best buffet in Phnom Penh – how does it work?

Technically it is a buffet, but in actuality they only have a couple of dishes that are ready cooked. The main thing yo do here is grab your meat and seafood, which you then take to your room and cook. Each table has a grill, as well as a Suki soup maker – one side being spicy, the other being more tame.

They have a ton of different sauces for you to mix up and make to accompany with your meal, such as chill, sweet chili and of course the Khmer classic of Kampot pepper with lime.

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Oishi Grand Buffet Suki Soup and BBQ – it is all about the seafood

I will get into the price later, but for your entrance you get unlimited amounts of food, I know like a buffet right? But while there is meat and other bits and bobs this is all about the seafood. There is some of the best squid I have had and the huge Khmer shrimps that are one of the highlights of Khmer cuisine.

In essence if you do not like seafood, you will not like it here – a more apt title for this article would be the best seafood buffet in Phnom Penh. I digress.

Best Buffet in Phnom Penh – what’s the deal?

It is priced at an amazing $12.50 per person, although if you provide a “work card” you get 20 percent off for the whole group. This meant my Sports Journalism photo ID managed to do the trick for the whole group, pretty good stuff!

And then you have not only unlimited food, but also fountain-soda, with Pepsi and 7-Up being the weapons of choice. Of course you do not get unlimited booze for $12.50, and that is extra charge. The drinks selection os fairly bog-standard, including all the major Khmer beers and a huge selection of soju! Somehow and I will cover this is another article soju has managed to become the national liquor of Cambodia.

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Soju Drunken shrimp

I’m gonna give this bad boy its own article, but he standout dish for me was when the Chinese guy poured 5 bottles of soju into a bowl of raw shrimp. we waited 30 minutes and then ate them raw. I am a huge fan of raw shrimp, despite the dangers and not only did this taste great, but didn’t kill me!

Overall on the best seafood buffet in Phnom Penh

You can tell this would be a great place to come and have a cheap meal, I mean $12.50 a person is no joke for unlimited seafood, but the highlight of coming here is when you get to dress to the nines and do a full Khmer party, with dancing, singing and of course drinking.

Best Buffet in Phnom Penh
Best Buffet in Phnom Penh

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