Healthy Tuna Recipe Ideas For This Summer

The warmer weather is finally here, and we are all trying to think about ways that we can eat a little healthier and start shedding some of those winter pounds. Everyone is prone to doing a bit more comfort eating than is healthy on long, dark, cold, wet days, but now that the sun is shining it is high time that we start making plans for healthier recipes. Tuna is a great cornerstone of any healthy meal, loaded with minerals and healthy oils. If you are trying to cut down on red meat, as doctors suggest we all should, then this is an excellent option. Here are some ideas for tuna recipes for this summer.

Tuna Niçoise Salad

Let’s start with a fresh and tasty summer favourite, shall we? A tuna niçoise will be a hit at any garden party, and it’s a great way to make sure that your family gets plenty of vegetables and protein without any meat. All you need is some tinned tuna, some waxy potatoes, eggs, onion, and baby spinach or other greens. You can add seasoning to taste, but this is a very easy recipe that always looks great.

Tuna Burgers

We know that everyone associates the summer with firing up the barbeque in the blazing sunshine, but we need to remember that a lot of the traditional favourite such as burgers, hot dogs and chicken legs are not exactly great for your heart or cholesterol levels. If you and your family are craving burgers but want to keep things as healthy as possible, then why not whip some tuna burgers up? With good quality tuna, like John West for example, you can create a tasty burger mix with breadcrumbs, onions, and an egg. John West tuna is sourced responsibly, and they have a range of resources to help you live a healthy lifestyle on their website.

Tuna Lasagne

We know this might sound a bit odd, but it is a surprisingly easy swap, and it is a tasty one too. We all need to be cutting down on beef mince, and swapping tinned tuna means you keep the protein and add a delicious new flavour. As with traditional lasagne recipes, putting together the dish itself is relatively simple. If you have been looking for an alternative to the same old weeknight pasta bake, this could be the perfect solution.

Tuna And Vegetable Pasta

Here is a recipe that can be made to fit whatever you have in the cupboard. Tuna can be the base for a wide variety of different tasty pasta dishes, and if you have some good herbs, you can create a simple and delicious pasta with a tin of tuna, onion, and a tin of tomatoes. However, you can really bring it to life with some fresh vegetables. Courgettes are in season in summer and go really nicely with this dish, and peppers are always a great addition. You could also think about adding some anchovies for a little extra flavour.

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