MIX by SodaStream: The Automatic Cocktail Machine

Prepare yourself for the reemergence of sparkling cocktails or drinks of all sorts in general. MIX from SodaStream, the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of home beverage carbonation systems, is a carbonation device with digital interface and App and Bluetooth connectivity. MIX is swinging doors wide open for professional and at home users around the globe. Created by renowned designer Yves Béhar with cocktail recipes by Ryan Chetiyawardana (otherwise known as Mr. Lyan), MIX transforms any old liquid beverage including water into a bubbly treat. MIX is powered by refillable CO2 carbonator and your drink innovation imagination. Sync your recipes using the Bluetooth option from the app to your bar. Should you be lacking on the creative juices, MIX comes completely installed with dozens of the best mixed drink recipes and recommendations. But it doesn’t stop there; you’ll receive a beverage-based carbonation level recommendation. Plug in your mixture, which should be poured into SodaStream’s provided drinking containers, and hit go. Advanced stirring technology will whip up your drink right before your eyes. The finished result is fizzy and delicious.


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