The best bars in the world to visit before you die – for the extreme traveler – 10 top picks

What are the best bars in the world to visit before you die? I have seen this covered in many many articles, but they tend to list high-end places in western Europe and other vanilla countries, but what if you are an extreme traveler?

I have therefore put together my 10 (so far) best bars to visit before you die, which in this almost post-apocalyptic Covid-19 world could be any time.

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This is a list I throughly will continue adding to, particularly when I get to traveling again.

10) Coffee chnganh phnom dong rek (add Khmer) – Khmer Rouge Town

OK, so this is not a bar, but a restaurant/cafe. But as they say location location location. It is 5 minutes walk from here to the grizzly grave of Pol Pot . This whole area is still run by former Democratic Kampuchea people. It is also next to the Thai border so just has a very strange feel to it.

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9) T-Bar – Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan 

I visited T-Bar in Erbil whilst ISIS where on the doorsteps of the place, yet the drinks flowed and we even won the pub quiz. Strange atmosphere in strange times, and just kudos even for being in Iraq. Kurdistan is also just a fabulous place with fabulous people.

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8) Dublin Pub – Ushuaia/Antarctica


Ushuaia is the southernmost city on earth, although the southernmost town is in Chile. You visit here when you go to Antarctica. There are actually two Irish pubs in the city, with us usually hitting up both. A great crowd of locals and tourists heading to Antarctica. Surely a depressing place in winter. And then you board a cruise and get to drink in Antarctica.

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7) Palata Number 6 – Kiev

Palata Number 6

This could and should be higher, but it is now very well known. A great place in Kiev to kick off a tour to Chernobyl . Hospital/Asylum themed the basic emphasis here is that they do great shots, which include having your head set on fire.

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6) The Gaddafi Egg – Khartoum

This is the most deluxe hotel and buffet in Khartoum, donated by Gaddafi when he was a thing, remember the good old days in Libya? Anyway they have a spores bar inside that was not serving alcohol when I was there, but booze has since been legalized in the country, so I am assuming you can now get a cold one here.

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5) 7 Fridays – Tiraspol

Anywhere else in the world this place would not be special. It is as typical restaurant/bar, BUT it is the most hip and happening place in he best unrecognized country in the world. An absolute must for any tour to Transnistria.

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4) The Nauru Pub Crawl – Nauru


Best bars in the world to visit before you die? Here we grant you 5 in one go. Nauru the last visited country in the world has exactly 5 bars and when you visit it is possible to to a pub crawl in a day. If I had to pick the one must see bar it would be Jules on Deck.

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3) Mad Max Town and Bir Tawil Town – Bir Tawil

A double barreled one you might say, and ones you cannot drink in. Mad Max Town is the last settlement before you get to Bir Tawil, the only unclaimed piece of land on earth. Bir Tawil also has a town, we called it Bir Tawil town in absence of a real name. They have a Moz Cantina type area with great street food and nonalcoholic beer. This counts  as one of the best vars in the world to see before you die.

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2) The Armenian Club – Tehran


Can you drink legally in Iran? Yes you bloody well can and we do one very trip. The Armenian club is amazing and everyone gets dressed to the ones before supping lots of Armenian homemade wine and vodka. Our picture here says it all. Iran itself is amazing, but this is the icing on the cake.

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1) The Diplo/Random Access Club – Pyongyang

Diplomatic Club

And finally the best bar in the world to visit before you die. Pyongyang is probably themes amazing place to visit on earth period, so why not visit the best bar? There are actually lots of bars now in Pyongyang, but the Diplo is the closest that there is to a club in the country. Many a wild night has been spent here.

Then you have the RAC, or now known as the Friendship Club in the UN compound, strictly invite only, but of course The Street Food Guy has been.

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The best bars in the world to visit before you die – for the extreme traveler – 10 top picks – this is a list I shall not stop updating until I have the 1000 best bars in the world to drink in before you die. Well, so long as I live long enough.

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