Seedlip’s Garden 108: Refreshingly Adult

It’s your Friday night turn as designated driver. You’re abstaining for religious reasons. You’re an expecting mother. Frankly, you’ve just never cared for the dehydration and lethargy the following morning.

There are plenty of reasons we all have a night where alcohol isn’t on the itinerary. But why should those choosing not to imbibe the hard stuff be relegated to a sugary, infantile, and just plain unsatisfying land of virgin piña coladas or watery and bitter non-alcoholic beers? Sure, a plain glass of ice water is always a solid option, but what about a special night out where something more elegant, refined, and, well, tasty seems in order?

Enter Seedlip, the world’s first line of distilled non-alcoholic spirits. Founded by Ben Branson in his kitchen in rural England, Seedlip was inspired partly by the bountiful English countryside and partly by a copy of The Art of Distillation, a documentation of alchemy perfected by apothecaries in the 1600’s to create non-alcoholic herbal remedies.

The success of Branson’s first release, the woodsy and lemony Spice 94, prompted the creation of his newest project, Garden 108. Composed of a flavor profile bright with crisp cucumber, sweet pea, and fresh spearmint and rosemary from Branson’s family farm, Branson describes his inspiration:
“With Garden 108 I wanted to recreate the memories of sitting in our fields eating peas with my grandfather as a young boy and offer people an adult and delicious drink with a complex profile.”

DELICIOUS. And ADULT. Yes, please. Leave the virgin piña coladas to the under-21’s and try a Garden 108 with elderflower tonic and a slice of cucumber your next turn as D.D.

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