An Experience Worth Mixing: Franklin & Sons

Since the Victorian era in London, Franklin & Sons has been the forefront of innovation. Dating all the way back to 1886, Franklin & Sons has had a passion for great tasting tonics and mixers. 130 years later they continue to celebrate their success by combining top of the line ingredients sourced from all around the world. Inspired from the founding brothers, Franklins continues to hand pick each and every single ingredient. By using local fruit, herbs, and roots to ensure their support for the British agriculture and to provide premium tasting drinks, unlike any other.

Each recipe of the award-winning Franklin & Sons uses all natural flavors, extracts, and colours and never includes sweeteners or preservatives. Each tonic and mixer brilliantly enhances and compliments gins, classics, vodkas, whiskeys, and rums. The Franklin & Sons mixers and tonics include: Natural Indian Tonic Water, Natural Light Tonic Water, Sicilian Lemon Tonic, and Original Ginger Ale. Franklins is an experience worth mixing!

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