Beer Brew Goes Cold Coffee

After inventing the consumer craft beer brewing appliance space eight years ago with their pioneering Zymatic and creating a best-selling line of affordable, easy-to-use brewing appliances with the Pico line, PicoBrew is addressing the demand for precision cold brew coffee and kombucha in the home with the new Pico C Craft Beverage Bundle. The new offering highlights PicoBrew’s expansion from a beer-focused, single-appliance company to a total craft beverage company with a complete line of beverage appliances and accessories that can make everything from coffee and kombucha to craft spirits like gin and whiskey.

The award-winning Pico C continues to be the top-selling kitchen countertop beer brewery system for the home, and now it can slake the thirst of the craft coffee lover as well.  

“Cold brew coffee is being adopted globally as all-day drink due to smoother taste, lower acidity, higher antioxidant load and better shelf-stability than traditional hot-brewed or iced coffee. According to the latest market research report by TechNavio, the global cold brew coffee market is expected to post a CAGR of over 27% over the next 5 years.” said Dr. Bill Mitchell, PicoBrew co-founder and CEO. “Cold brew coffee is traditionally quite a time consuming and imprecise beverage to create at home. With the Pico C’s new capabilities and our ‘precision brew computer’ approach to cold brew coffee crafting, anyone can now brew a 5L keg of quality-controlled cold brew in 90 minutes or less in their kitchen.”

For the first time ever, Pico C owners can now brew their own cold brew coffee by filling a reusable cold brew coffee filter with their own artisanal ground coffee beans of choice and running the new precision cold brew brewing program.

Check out the Ultimate Brewing Bundle.

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