What are French Tacos? – The Ultimate Guide

What are French Tacos? Is it a regular Taco made in France, and, or by a Frenchman, or is it a wholly unique thing with little to no resemblance to an actual Taco? If you picked the later then you are correct!

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What are French Tacos?

French Tacos
French Tacos

OK, so its own thing, we get that, but what exactly is a French Taco? A French Taco is a fast food dish which usually consists of a flour tortilla grilled and folded around a filling of French fries, cheese, and meat, the dish originated in Lyon in 2007 and is now a global phenomenon.

Now if you have read that you might be thinking it sounds nothing like a taco and you would be right. It is more akin to sandwich, a shawarma, a taco and a burrito having a baby. And it is freaking amazing. 

Why are French Tacos a thing?

When I first tried it I pointed out that it was a bit like a kebab/shawarma that you get served in Europe, only to get politely corrected by the French chef, but in fact the French Taco has been replacing the kebab as the French drunk food of choice for 14 years now. 

It alls started in 2007 when the franchise O’Tacos “invented” the dish and since then it has grown like wildfire.  There are now branches from Lyon to London and even Marrakech, although it was to begin Cambodia where I discovered this culinary treat. 

French Tacos in Cambodia?

French Tacos
French Tacos

So, where can you get French Tacos in Cambodia? You can get French Tacos at Electric Monkey on Bassac Lane! Why can you get French Tacos in Cambodia? Well that is a whole other story. 

Cambodia despite having lots of foreigners does not have every franchise, with notable exceptions being McDonalds and Subway. Cambodia does though usually have very good copy’s of said restaurants. You can get a Big Mac at The Vine, as well as a Subway at Molly’s, so now you can get a French Tacos (it always has the S) at Electric Monkey. 

As to the why, well it was just good old fashioned innovation at work. Covid hit the business bad, so they needed a food that would sell well and was easy to deliver, voila as they say in France the French Taco in Cambodia was born.

English Breakfast French Taco made in Cambodia by an Irishman 

And that my friends says it all. I have yet to try this beast of a thing, but it surely looks pleasant to me! The ultimate in Fusion cosine. Electric Monkey, I shall return. 

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