How to Reduce Your Food Waste

In 2019 we launched the FFF Sustain Campaign in a bid to challenge ourselves to become the industry leader in terms of minimising environmental impact. As part of that campaign, we set a goal to reduce food wastage from our production. 

According to the World Bank, nearly 2 million people in the UK are undernourished.

  • 25% of all purchased food is wasted in the UK
  • Household food waste makes up 69% of this
  • Our personalised nutrition algorithm LAVO creates 1.7% of food waste

Once per week, our excess food is turned into approximately 100 breakfasts and 100 lunches, which one member of the FFF team hands out to people at ‘The Soup Kitchen’. 

So, if you’re a regular FFF-er, sticking to your meals five days per week, (the best way to ensure you reach those 2020 goals!), then you’re already doing pretty well at minimising your weekday waste. But what about those weekends you take off, and how can you continue to ensure you are as waste-free as possible?

We’ve put together our top 10 tips for doing just that.  

1) Zero-waste stores: They’re everywhere! And super simple to use. Weigh your bag or jar, top it up with your desired ingredient and pay for the exact quantity you need. You’re not only buying what you need and minimising food waste but if you’re reusing containers you’ve successfully created zero packaging waste. 

2) Portion sizes: When serving up, try not to overfill your plate. If you’re still hungry, you can always help yourself to more, but if you don’t eat everything on that plate the first time around, it’s likely going to waste.

3) Best before vs. Use by: Don’t throw things away just because they’ve passed their ‘Best before’ date. ‘Best before’ is a quality issue, versus ‘Use by’ which is a safety issue. Try not to confuse the two!

4) Shop smart: Always write a list. That way you won‘t over purchase ingredients you won’t use or need. Not only are you saving food, but you’re inevitably saving money as well. 

5) Utilise freezer space and use your leftovers: If you do have left-overs, don’t throw them away, use your freezer space and save for a rainy day or get could get creative. Make your own pickles, preserves and dips which is all quick and easy to do once you find a recipe that you love. 

6) Use an app: If you’re not one for using your leftovers, there are plenty of apps connecting you with others who will! Try Olio or Karma. Both apps will arrange for your remaining ingredients to be collected from your door and delivered to someone who wants them. Waste not, want not!

7) Be organised: If you have over-shopped slightly, and your fridge is becoming full, give it a rejig and organise it in order of use by, front to back, leaving no room for anything to go off. 

9) Compost: If ingredients are going off in the fridge, throw them in the compost and use them as fertiliser. 

10) Let us Help: The personalisation of our service means we can accurately calculate how much food we will need to make for our meals. As a result, our clients experience 1.2% food waste in comparison to a regular household which sees 25% food waste. Join the service and watch your personal footprint reduce substantially overnight! Plus any food waste we do have is sent to local charities and food banks to ensure that even our waste is being used wisely.

Fresh Fitness Food provides personalised meals plans delivered straight to your door, ensuring not only that you have the nutrients you need to manage your stress levels, but also that you have the time usually spent shopping, cooking and washing up, to engage in your favourite stress-reducing activity. To discuss which nutrition plan is right for you, book a call with our in-house nutrition team here.

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