Can you do Keto in Syria?

Syria is a great place with great food, but can you do keto in Syria? Well it would seem that this article will be at the forefront of this question, because if you google “keto in Syria” – you get asked if you mean “NATO in Syria”. LOL

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What is the keto diet then?

If you have gotten this far i’ll assume you know, but just in case lets do a quick keto recap. Essentially it means no carbohydrates, or as little as possible, yep no bread and no potatoes. 

But the flip side and why this is so popular is that you can eat as much meat, butter and even cheese as you like. No carbs and lots of protein. 

What is the Syrian diet like?

I will write about Syrian cuisine and Syrian street food on its own at some point, but basically Syrian cuisine is very good, very mixed and extremely eclectic. It is though very bread heavy, which is not a great sign for doing keto in Syria. They do though also eat a hell of a lot of BBQ, as well as meat in general, as well as enjoy tea and liquor – more on that later.

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Keto Syrian breakfast

Alas a Syrian breakfast is very yogurt and bread heavy, not to mention sweet heavy. They will though in general do you eggs, particularly boiled eggs, which is the keto breakfasts best friend. 

And of course Syrian tea – but we will do drinks later

Keto in Syria what’s for lunch?

Lunch is mostly shawarma and falafel, the later of which is kept devil, the former of which is well basically the same. There are though many meat based varieties of kebab that you can have, so long as you have it without the bread AND no mayo, or any other sauces of the like. 

You might ge looked at strange, but you can manage a bread free kabab in Syria.

Keto in Syria 0 what’s for dinner?

Syria has a really varied cuisine, in fact much more varied than in most of the middle-east, so the restaurants have huge menus. Again very kebab based, but also lots of mutton, chicken and beef dishes that come without gazing, or other keto bad things. Syria also do butter and cheese, so you can make that meal great while avoiding the devil that is bread.

Keto in Syria – what we drinking?

The really great yogurt drink Aryan is out sadly, so is Syrian coke, beer and wine. This leaves water, yuk,  and tea. Syrian tea is great and comes in different flavours. It also usually comes racked to the hilt with sugar, or at least the option to do so. Sadly no sugar for you if you are on keto!

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And then theres arak, a pure ouzo like liquor that looks like milk when you mix it with water. That’s right your mixer is water, so drunken keto heaven.

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