Golden Booze: 5 Drinks With Real Edible Gold


Gold has forever represented value to humans, so its no surprise at some point we figured out how to stick it in our drinks and tasting to seeing and feeling its immutable appeal. Here’s five drinks glittering with gold in the very liquid, so find one to your liking, feel its age old appeal and, of course, enjoy a drink!

Goldwasser Danzig Liqueur
Goldwasser Danzig Liqueur drink me

There are few drinks with a history like Goldwasser from Germany, history that has literally become local legend. This herbal and root liqueur sparkles with its gold accompaniment, though its certainly not needed.

Price: $25.99

Gold Flakes Supreme Vodka
Gold Flakes Supreme Vodka drink me

Gold Flakes quality vodka from France tells you exactly what it is right up front. This quadruple distilled drink is crafted with spring water and is often hard to get a hold of. When you do though it becomes clear why gold is in the bottle, this drink is a true luxury.

Price: Not Available Currently

Smirnoff Gold
Smirnoff Gold drink me

One of the most notorious alcoholic drinks with gold flakes, nonetheless, when discussing alcohol with gold you have to tip your hat to the fellows at Smirnoff. While maybe not because of the gold, the drink does exactly what its makers intend, give a drink for a good time.

Price: $44.90

Gold Cuvée Wine
Gold Cuvee Wine drink me

This sparkling, beautiful dry wine absolutely glitters with the gold flake its its bottle. Cuvee tops it off with a dash of liqueur, and the drink leaves you feeling as luxurious as it appears. At a fantastic price for their regular bottle this one is a must try.


XXIV Karat Grande Cuvée
XXIV Karat Grande Cuvee drink me

We’ve seen sparkling wines before, but take a batch that challenges the typical dry taste of most and you’ll have what sets Grande Covee apart. This shining gold wine is a blend of chardonnay and seasonal to ensure stays perfectly in between dry and sweet.

Price: $31.49

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